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The relationship between Therapist and client is a very important one, both need to be completely comfortable with each other to ensure they get the most out of the sessions.

It’s important you find a therapist who is right for you, that you can talk to comfortably and one that helps you process the challenges you’re facing.

My theoretical approach is integrative. This approach includes a range of counselling theories such as CBT, NLP, Person Centred, TA,  and Solution Focused.

An integrative approach allows us to find the most effective and individual approach throughout the counselling process and subsequently tailoring  sessions to you and your unique situation, problems and experiences.

During our counselling sessions you may identify and address any unhelpful, outdated or hyper-vigilant thinking and behaviours. For example, negative thoughts and feelings about yourself or an ongoing situation or from your past. Together we can explore and challenge any of the particular thoughts, actions and responses that maybe adding to or causing the difficulties in your present-day life.

We can explore and look for more helpful alternatives. Throughout the sessions, you will have opportunities to decide on the changes you wish to implement in your life and what you desire moving forward towards your wanted future.

My approach is based strongly on the belief that we, as individuals, are capable of being self-driven and determined. It is also based on people understanding the relationship between oneself, others, the world around us and how all of these components interact.